Benefit from the insights of Mark Rolton, Australia’s Number 1 in Property Options.

Find out the immense value created by splitting a block into two and profiting not once but twice! A simple way to create cash flow using real estate is Splitters and buying backyards.

Learn the skills of negotiating like a master and understanding other people’s needs are the secrets to your success. Wrap all these real world strategies together with the mindset of a millionaire and fast track your progress.  After a 2 day event with Mark Rolton, you will never think about property in the same way again!

Mark Rolton

Mark Rolton Testimonials

See what some of my clients have to say

Focussing on residential lots, talking to council about residential sites and the council’s vision for his local area

Trevor P
Sydney Event 2015

Testimonial Trevor P

Has already completed his first Option deal, he has now Optioned his second site and is going through documentation with Mark Rolton for a multi storey development.

Theo L
GC Event 2016

Testimonial Theo L

Actively searching for a JV deal, have sent out over 30 letters to owners regarding optioning their property, Have had one meeting and doing their Due Diligence for a further two meetings, Are splitting their work loads one will focus on Splitters and the other on Short Options.

Chris W and Kelly R
GC Event 2015

Testimonial Chris W and Kelly R

Joint venturing with partner on a development and project managing the construction.

Troy M and Donna M
Gold Coast Event 2015

Testimonial Troy M and Donna M

Working on 2 options at the moment, First one has gone to documentation for townhouses and are negotiating the second option with owners currently.

John K and David P
Gold Coast Event 2016

Testimonial John K and David P

Mark Rolton has shared the knowledge of Options with Steve and implemented it into his financial planning business which increases the returns and projects available for his clients.

Adam G
Sydney Event 2014

Testimonial Adam G

Taking the knowledge from Mark Rolton of splitters and transferring that to vacant blocks of land and packaging up house and land packages.

Mandy C
Gold Coast Event 2016

Testimonial Mandy C

Brian is researching and meeting with owners on residential subdivisions.

Brian W
Sydney Event 2014

Testimonial Brian W

Theo talks about a deal he has completed that he is considering developing himself. He can on sell it to a developer for $145,000 or develop the project himself and increase his profit even more.

See More Stories

A couple describe their experience with Mark Rolton at Real Estate University and the incredible property strategies and ideas they learnt to use in their future property deals. Time well spent in their opinion..

See More Stories

A couple shares their experience of Real Estate University and how grateful for the property strategies Mark Rolton shared with them and how it will change thier lives.

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